10 Things Every Guy Needs in His Wardrobe – Find Video Store Shopping Video


Don’t wear dress pants. We suggest wearing a tailored grey slacks.
Smart pants. They’re soft, comfortable and breathable. They are composed of aloe which sinks in your skin and provides vital nourishment.
Sweaters are comfy and are able to be styled with or without.
T-shirt – We recommend a white or black t-shirt because they’re most adaptable.
Long-sleeve button-down – Go for slim, neutral, and simple patterns. This will make your shirt more simple.
Crewneck sweater – Crewnecks are trendy and great for layering.
The Overshirt can elevate any look. It is a great piece to wear by itself or paired with a t-shirt.
White sneakers. Choose any brand or style regardless of what style you decide to choose, they can be worn with anything.
Shoes for dress – Choose one pair of footwear which are comfy and complement the rest.

These ten pieces can be combined into 32 outfits to enhance your wardrobe!