3 Things to look for in free social bookmarking lists

A lot of websites owners and professional online marketers today are using social bookmark lists in promoting their sites or blogs. The social bookmarking lists offer easy way for them to find bookmarking sites where they can promote their sites or blog. Once the sites are registered and included in the social bookmarking site, users are able to find them easily and share them to others. In other words, being included in the social bookmarking sites allow them to be seen easily by the users and then promote it to their connections. However, not all social bookmarking lists are the same. Some social bookmarks lists, especially some free social bookmark list, are not as useful as they should be. So to help you find a good and reliable free social bookmarking list, here are three things that you should look for in them.

First, check out when the free social bookmark lists are updated. This is very important because everything in the internet changes so fast. One day it is hot, the next day people just do not want to be associated with that site. So, the first thing to do is to see when the free social bookmark list was updated. Update should be at least once a week. This is the only way for you to make sure that you will add your site in a social bookmarking site that are actually relevant to the people. Otherwise you will only waste your time and resources. In other words you do not want to be included in a site that has been considered as old news because again, it is a total waste of time and resources.

Second, as there are many free social bookmarking lists today, you might want to check if the free social bookmarking lists have PR or page rank rating. This is very important in free social bookmarking lists because here you can see the bookmarking sites that you should invest your time and resources on. There is really no point in having your site included in a bookmarking list that is way down the ladder of free social bookmarking lists. Since people will not see, it you might as well concentrate on sites with higher PR. Of course you also need to remember that there are sites that can improve its PR tomorrow, the next day, next week or so on. So again, you might want to use your own evaluation of the site if you want to make sure.

So the third is to use free social bookmarking lists that give good descriptions about the sites. Such free social bookmarking lists will allow you to make a good evaluation as to the social bookmarking sites. If you are not a novice internet marketer, you can basically tell if the bookmarking site has a potential in becoming a big hit in the coming days or weeks or months. Also, depending on your site, you can judge which bookmarking site is the best for your websites.