Bail vs. Bond – Insurance Claim Process

s are important parts of the system of justice. While they are often utilized interchangeably, they mean two distinct things. This video clarifies the differences between the two and the purpose of bail bonding.

The judge will look over your case and decide on bail. The bail represents the amount of cash you have to make payment in order to be released. This is a form of security which guarantees that you will be present in later cases. If you are able to show up, the cash will be returned to you.

A bond is posted by a third-party, often a bail bondsman. It is a cost of 10% to them, and they will post the bond. A promissory letter is posted to your name as bail. If you do not turn in court The bail bondsman is entitled to the right to detain you and have you detained.

A bail bondsman who can aid you in getting out of jail if you’re in a complicated circumstance. They’ll be able to help you escape to help you build a defense case. Go to the video on the hyperlink above to get more information.