Busting Myths About Methadone Clinics – Health Talk Online

But this is not the case. This is a lie. Prior to granting methadone treatment the clinic must know that the individual has a dependency to any of the narcotic drugs. Also, the patient needs to have a toxicology report that supports the claim. Clinics will conduct tests to find out if the patient is taking drugs into the system prior to proceeding with treatment.

The Methadone Clinic will likely have limits as to what it will offer an incoming patient. The maximum could be 30 milligrams of methadone at the time the treatment commences, but it can change frequently. A myth surrounding methadone clinics stipulates that clients are required to undergo a drug test every time they visit. It isn’t true. There will be a compulsory testing of urine at the time a person enters the clinic after which it will be a random series of monthly tests. The video will provide an explanation of common misconceptions. jtndwfvcvn.