Clear Braces vs Traditional Braces – Health and Fitness Tips

There are many options in orthodontic treatments today. The treatment is made of stainless steel and can be employed by both adults and children.

Traditional braces are fixed directly to the teeth. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to have your teeth extracted. Once you finish treatment, you’ll need retainers to help keep your brand new dental smile.

Clear braces, on opposite hand, are a more recent type of orthodontics. Brackets are used instead of bands. They’re more costly than metal braces but they provide many advantages over braces made from metal.

First off, clear braces are much easier to wear. They can be used when you are still wearing infant teeth. Prior to beginning treatments, it’s necessary to have all your permanent teeth removed. The braces you choose to wear are much more flexible than the traditional metal ones. Additionally, they can be removed at any time you wish. Finally, clear braces are more effective than metal braces. Clear braces may improve bite by about 90% on average.