COVID Testing What Are the Different Types of Tests? – Crevalor Reviews

The FDA has approved a variety of COVID tests for use in emergency use. The video below will explain the most popular tests. Molecular Tests The majority of tests performed by molecular tests is by using nasal swabs. They include PCR tests. They test for specific elements of the virus that are present in a sample. This includes specific DNA sequences or proteins. They aren’t usually available immediately, however their results are often very accurate. Rapid Antigen Tests These tests look for antigensthat make up the virus. They will be able to find them rapidly. Certain tests will give you results within fifteen minutes. Despite being extremely useful because of the speed of their results, they can’t provide the same accuracy as molecular testing results. Antibody tests These tests require the use of blood instead of nasal samples. They can test for antibodies from previous cases , or from vaccines. The tests don’t aid to diagnose COVID-19. oxxytvthdq.