Have You Broken Any Auto Accident Laws in Florida? – Accident Attorneys Florida

incident, record everything you remember about the incident, write down everything you remember about their. There should be details about the car’s color, model or model and minor details like dents and stickers. Additionally, you should exchange information concerning insurance or any details about the vehicle when the driver is present.
What happens when you don’t declare an auto collision in Florida?

The law in Florida states that Florida stipulates that drivers injured in a crash must report the incident to the law enforcement. If there is severe damage to property or injuries, this is very important. You could face severe penalties in the event that you escape the scene of the crime, or not immediately report the incident.

You should also remember that you’re responsible for making a formal report on a car accident when police are at the accident scene. There is no need to provide any more reports after you’ve spoken about the incident on the phone or in person. There is no chance of being arrested for any crime in the event that you fail to report the accident. It is unlikely that you being sentenced to jail. However, you might receive a fine of about $30.

Escape from an Accident Scene

Failing to report a crash incident is considered to be a more grave offense. It’s illegal for you to leave the accident site. There is a possibility of being sent to prison for this. These charges can be very serious, especially if the crash resulted in serious injuries or deaths.

Florida has a policy that makes hit-and-runs to be a felony and not a misdemeanor. The way in which the crime is classified will depend on the specifics of the incident. If you exit the site of a car crash after causing property damages but not causing injury, the incident is deemed to be a second degree misdemeanor. The penalty for this offense is which can be up to 60 consecutive days in county jail. The fine is $500 and could be determined. You could also be charged with a fine of $500 if escape the scene of an accident.