How Cell and Gene Therapy Research Helps Fight Sickle-Cell – Reference Books Online

all. Researchers are conducting research to try to cure sickle cell diseases.

Sickle-cell develops when the mutation or error in an inherited gene leads to a modification to the structure in red blood cell. They end up clumping together, and preventing blood flow through blood vessels. This condition can be extremely painful when it occurs, and those who suffer from the condition suffer from a myriad of medical issues, which include severe organ injury. At present, people suffering from sickle cell disease generally have approximately 40 years.

Researchers are trying to stop sickle cell disease by taking bone marrow from patients by isolating stem cells, and adding a gene that prevents blood cells from changing in shape.

While gene and cell therapy is still in its early days and is still under investigation, experts believe that it can be extremely efficient in stopping sickle-cell disorders. They believe that more research is conducted to stop the suffering and loss of life caused by this chronic illness for a number of years.