How Children Feel About Remote Learning – Maine’s Finest

Learning via remote is an option for anyone. What do kids react to it? This video is essentially a series of interviews in which kids discuss their feelings on remote learning. A group of children said that it’s not as simple to master the subject at home. Another group of kids claimed that they are less entertained when they’re at home because they’re in no position to hang out with their buddies. Another child said that this is a pain as they don’t have the option of walking up to a teacher and ask them a question. The reason for this is that for many kids, the fear of asking questions over Zoom is more than simply speaking up at the class. Then, they said that they were uncomfortable when they be at home working. They be at home working alongside their siblings and even their parents as well. Learning remotely is an incredibly complex issue. Ask your children what they believe about the concept of remote learning. Read on for more details. 1we4c7dvib.