How Does a Heat Pump Work? – Daily Inbox

The type of heat pump has many different parts including the controller, reversing valve and compressor. It also has an indoor heat exchanger, outdoor exchangerand expansion valve non-return valve, filter drier and sight glass. Refrigerant is released from the compressors, and then transferred to the indoor heat exchanging unit. The room is heated. In the next step, the refrigerant shifts from high pressure hot vapor to a cool vapor. After it has passed through the valve that does not return and filter drier, as well as the vision glass, refrigerant flows into the outdoor heat exchanger and it is mixed with the mixture of liquid and vapor. The refrigerant is heated to the point that it’s boiling while the heat is released by the fan. The refrigerant then returns to the first valve in a low temperature extremely superheated, low pressure vapor. The cycle then repeats.

There are several more heating systems that will be discussed later on in the video. Watch the video to learn the workings of each and which one may be most suitable for the home you live in. 9i35te5abn.