How to Make Orange Powder at Home – Healthy Dessert

After you have enjoyed the delightful orange fruit You can make orange powder. This video will show you precisely how to make orange powder and get more out of this delicious fruit.

Take your first orange and use extract all of the juice. Divide the orange into two halves Use an electric juicer get this done. Take a sip of OJ in your morning coffee. It is the next step to take out any fibers that remain. To remove the pulp, use your fingers to scrape away the fibers.

Set the peels on an additional plate to allow for quick access. Dry the peels for about four to five weeks. Once the peels are dry and cut into tiny pieces. Blend them thoroughly until you eliminate any chunks of brittle pieces possible. There is a way to separate the parts using the help of a mesh strainer or colander.

The fine powder that gets through the strainer is orange powder. It can be used for homemade remedies, natural cleaning products , as well as for many other purposes. For more details go to the link in the above.