How to Use Knee High Support Hose – Health Advice Now

Although these appear simple to use in theory However, many find it difficult to make them work the first time.

This video demonstrates how to correctly put on knee-high support hose. To safeguard her fingers and ensure that the stockings aren’t rubbing against her skin, she put gloves on. After that, she opens one stocking’s opening, and then slides it beneath her feet. You can then slide the stocking smoothly up her calf , using the gloves. She makes sure to stop at the point that she’s two fingers from the crease of her knee.

After the stockings for support are installed, it’s crucial to make sure that compression is distributed evenly. In order to achieve this in the video, the lady who is the main character of the clip runs her hands with gloves over the outer edge of the stockingsand moves the fabric until they feel well-balanced.

This video will show you another method of doing it in case it’s hard. It is possible to get knee-high support from hose If they’re worth trying. m4lf9xdw3d.