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It is possible that you will be in the process of obtaining bankruptcy of your house or company, or have outstanding debts that are about to become collection. In that case you’ll need a seasoned lawyer with expertise in creditor’s rights. The creditor will usually try to recover debts from spouses or co-signers even if they did not agree to the credit. Legal counsel can help bargain with creditors to settle any disputes and keep income from being taken away.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an alternative for people who are struggling to pay their debts. An expert from the bankruptcy attorney’s office will guide you through the procedure, which involves liquidating assets , such as cars and properties to allow debts to be forgiven. The trustee handles the process and decides which assets will be sold. However, creditors cannot forcefully sell property belonging to debtors as long as the deadline has not expired. Chapter 7 bankruptcy was designed offer people who are unable to make ends meet by working for a new beginning without anxiety of creditors.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for people who want to pay off their dues in a timely manner instead of receiving a debt forgiveness. A trustee manages the procedure and chooses the items to be auctioned off. However, a creditor cannot force the debtor to buy anything as long as the deadline has passed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individuals who would like to retain assets like a home or automobile. Family members can contribute to the fees and costs associated when filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so do not hesitate to seek financial assistance from your spouse if you need it.

Child Support Lawyer

If you are divorced and you aren’t receiving child support payments from your spouse, an attorney can help in taking steps. The attorney could make a motion of contempt and demand that the wages of your ex be garnished when he is unable to make child support payments.