Inside Guyana’s Newest Mall – Best Travel Videos

Guyana is an excellent destination to explore if you want to discover new cities. They recently opened their Amazonia mall is an attraction that you shouldn’t miss.

This video shows you the very best of Amazonia. There are many unique shops, restaurants and even hotels. The host of the video takes you on a tour of the mall. He also speaks with others who are mall visitors. The mall attracts people from every corner of the globe and for all kinds of purposes However, the majority of people go to shops.

It’s a different kind of mall from the American malls. It’s awash with shops as well as restaurants that you may never have heard about. You never know what can be found at a mall that is foreign. There is no need to buy touristy souvenirs. Instead, you can look for products that the locals love.

Take a look to learn more about attractions in Guyana while planning your trip. There is a chance that you will be excited about things you can see at such a unique popular tourist spot. lticq6iam4.