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The Treatment Rooms London YouTube channel provides the information you require to know about this treatment to replace hair.

FUE can be used to treat male or female-specific hair loss. The two conditions may be the same however the regions affected by hair loss can differ. Individual hair follicles are removed from areas of the scalp in which they’re still developing and transferred into bald spots. The result can last several years or even all of life.

Micropunches, tiny tools used to take out the individual hair follicles can be used. The follicle and surrounding skin is gently lifted to be moved before being inserted into the desired area. The scarring is minimal or other evidence that the follicles have been removed.

FUE has a distinct advantages over an older type of operation known as follicular units transplantation or FUT. The procedure is more often known as hair plug surgery. FUT can produce results that appear less than natural, while FUE gives results that look like a person’s original hairstyle.