Raising the Roof for Charity – Daily Objectivist

Habitat STW received $50K from winning raffle ticket profits to pay for the construction of her gorgeous home in 2019.
The raffle tickets were advertised on the local Late 94.7 radio station. Habitat STW was the beneficiary because Laura was the mother of a son who has particular needs, needed an apartment that would be able to accommodate him. Laura also picked her favorite school district where she lived.
Raising the Roof for Charity Foundation has nominated Habitat STW to construct an entirely new roof or house. The foundation has also added an additional reward pool that gives you the chance to win a custom-built three bedroom, three bathroom home in Southern Oaks. There is a chance for you to participate in this great tradition by entering in your details. Tickets are $100, more than double the price in 2018. Users with credit cards can enjoy five percent off. Participation will also place you into the draw in which you could even get the chance to become a home owner as well! jfgt7czy3f.