Simple and Convenient Social Bookmarking Lists

If you are old enough to remember the ancient days of the mid to late 90s, before free social bookmarking sites became popular, it might be difficult to look back on the archaic technology without busting a gut. Honestly, after unplugging the phone in order to go online, what did you do if you wanted to save and organize your favorite links and web pages? How did you go about sharing them with friends, family, and colleagues?

Well, your choices were limited to say the least. Chances are that you saved the most useful links to the good old Microsoft Favorites folder, and shared links and photos via email. If you were more resourceful you might have stored them on a disk or CD, because even USB flash drives were yet to catch on!

While social bookmarking existed as far back as early 1996, it was not until Delicious was launched in 2003 that they would finally hit their stride. Since that time, several new websites have taken its place at the top of free social bookmarking lists. These include Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Reditt. Although it has been a decade since it first appeared, Delicious still occupies the number five spot on most free social bookmark lists.

Of course, few people care which social bookmarking site is the most popular one, just as long as there is one that fits our personal needs. Even if none of the top five sites is exactly what you are looking for, there are countless other cool sites that you can explore via any decent free social bookmarking lists. In fact, there is probably more than one site that is more ideal for you than any of the most popular ones.