The Basics of Elderly Care (And Caregiver Advice) – Family Issues Online

1.) Medical needs
Senior citizens typically need to use prescribed medicines. Additionally, they need to be given the right form of medicine. A consultation is required for any modifications to medications.

2) Safety Needs
The rooms of older people should be safe from any obvious dangers such as loose carpets, and things that clog the floor.

3. Human Needs
If they’re willing and able to do so, the elderly should be permitted to care for their own hygiene and personal demands. This will give them a sense that they are independent.

4) The Needs of Caregivers
The people who provide care are human beings with their own needs. They have physical and psychological conditions that need to be recognized and treated if needed. It is also recommended to seek assistance from a professional caregiver if they need it.

It can be challenging as it can be rewarding caring for an elderly person. It’s possible to make this process simpler by following a few simple guidelines.