Ultimate Guide to Neoprene O-Rings – Daily Inbox


O rings and you can decide which type of ring will best suit your specific needs. The neoprene O-rings can be used in a number of ways, including plumbing, automotive and aerospace. They are made from synthetic rubber, giving them great heat, oil and water resistance. Neoprene o-rings are also relatively cost-effective and readily available.

Three types of neoprene o-rings. There are three types of neoprene-o-rings: X rings; square-cut rings; and O-rings. X rings come with an X shape cross section and are suitable for rotational applications. Rings cut squarely, on the opposite, possess a square cross-section and are better suited for static purposes. Finally, O-rings come with an elongated cross-section, and are able to be used in either rotational or static applications. First, find out what kind of seal you’re looking for. Next, you should measure the seal cavity’s inside size and the outside diameter. After you’ve got those measurement, you’ll be able to refer to the size chart for o-rings made of neoprene for the correct size ring to fit your needs.