Understanding the 2022 Child Tax Credits – Family Issues Online


portant to understand all of it is important to be aware of all the modifications to important to understand all the changes made to various. This video will provide the basics of tax credits. It also describes what information you will need for the filing of the tax portion for your child.

The tax credit for children’s first year is $2,000 with $3,600 per child less than the age of 6, and $3,000 for children aged 6-17. If you have received an advanced child tax credit in the past that’s why this amount is going to decrease.

Parents or grandparents who were with the child longer than six months as the primary caregivers are eligible for the tax credit. The income requirements vary depending on your marital situation.

Couples who are married or single that earn less than $112,500 are eligible. For everyone else, the maximum income for a household is $75,000 or less. Parents with higher income may receive a diminished tax credit or none whatsoever.

Check out IRS.gov for more details. They offer pages explaining the requirements and rules for tax credits to children. Also, use the income calculators to figure out what you’re eligible for and how much.

Go to the link above to find further information regarding tax credits for children.