How Braces Are Put on Kids – Dental Hygiene Association

Children and what is the process. An impression will be taken of the child’s mouth by an orthodontic specialist who can then make a series of models made from wax. These models will be used by the dentist for the creation of an appropriate wire to your child.

Your doctor will first take measurements of the shape and size of every tooth, and then mark their teeth using colored dots to show where they’ll attach brackets. Then, they’ll use adhesive (dental cement) to attach each bracket to the tooth’s spot. The wire is attached to brackets which are then bonded to teeth. The rubber band sits between each of the frames in order to create pressure on the teeth, slowing their movement into the desired position.

Children’s orthodontics is exactly the same way as for adults. The wires will be positioned on your child’s head by a dentist with the same method. They will be modified by the dentist each two weeks to ensure the child is comfortable wearing the wires for up to 24 hours per day. The procedure can last for up to a few months. Once done, your child will be perfectly straight. nl4vj81imu.