Which Tires Should You Buy for Your Car? – Life Cover Guide

These are the types of tires and how they can help a motorist choose the best tire. A majority of motorists must pick between the winter/three-season tire, all-season tires or both. All-season tires are intended to be a good middle ground. They do not exceed at all, nor failing to perform in any particular category. They provide good handling, decent grip in dry conditions, and quiet operation as well as some snow-related capabilities. They provide both wet and dry conditions traction in warmer and moderate weather. They’re very durable, however they will not perform at a high level at temperatures below 40 degrees F.

Residents of areas with icy winters should consider purchasing winter tires. They should be removed when the conditions warm. Anyone who is going to a tire retailer should check their car instruction manual or the door jamb placard to find out the size tire to get. The tire measurements should look as follows: P225/70R16/97H. The first part “P225/70R16” is used to describe measurements such as width and the diameter. The load index of tires is the second part “97H”. The H denotes an acceleration of 130mph.