How do KN95 Masks Differ From Other Options? – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

One of the major differences between both masks is the nation that their standards are founded on. The N95 mask is an example of the United States standard, and the KN95 mask is an official China standard. Both masks can be used to filter out 95% of dust particles. Therefore, people can feel secure about the protection they are able to offer.

The KN95 may be slightly better because it has a condition for fitting tests as well, while the N95 does not. That doesn’t necessarily mean that companies don’t do fit tests for their products. There is no obligation to US masks N95.

A further difference between the masks is the breathability aspect. The N95 masks comply with slightly higher standards in terms of breathing. Therefore, they are more comfortable. It is the breathability that makes a difference for users of masks. The N95 might be slightly more desirable because of that. d8l9hir42w.