How is a Dental Implant Procedure Done? – Teeth Video

Implants for dental purposes are a wonderful solution to make your smile look better. The procedure involves placing implants directly into jawbone to substitute for the loss of the missing tooth. A permanent crown is placed on the abutment which is put into the jaw bone. This results in a natural and well-feeling tooth that is not just a way to improve the appearance of the look of your smile but also increases your overall oral health.
This video isn’t designed for the weak of heart. This video is very informative and walks through every phase of the procedure with the actual patient. Even though the patient feels comfortable during the entire procedure, it is difficult for some to see as the instruments prod into their mouths.
If you’re thinking of getting dental implants you can watch this video to be aware of the procedures involved However, be aware as you watch that the patient is never in any pain. It is effectively controlled by anesthetics. the procedure will be pain-free for you too. mxnfaxslv9.