Terrifying Burglary When Kids Are Home Alone – The Film Frame

Never expect your home to break into. This does happen occasionally. That’s why we install security systems. This video shows one instance in which burglars broke into the home of a family with children when the parents were out.

The video starts with the burglars inside the house carrying guns. All of it is recorded by a doorbell camera as part of the house’s security system. Gunmen are able to place children to lay down on the floor while they go through the house. The gunmen appear to have been looking for weapons as well as other things of value. In order to comfort their sister, one of them walks toward her. She grabs the girl by her hair, and commands her to walk forward. Parents were informed via the mobile application of their security system of the intruder’s identity at this time. They were able see it all unfolding in real time. It was an awful experience. Parents then began shouting at the burglars by the doorbell camera. They also inform them that the police will be heading their way. The burglars are more concerned and speed up the pace. The burglars leave the house and try to get away. Once these criminals are caught, it remains to be seen if they are held without bail for such an offense.