Trends for Window Treatment – Home Improvement Tax

This is the first step in our journey to modern curtain panels with ribbons. The modern drapery is characterized by sleek and modern design. The wand is massive and thick contemporary wand. It also has a pleat in the middle that’s contemporary. Honeycomb is another fashion. Hybrid pleads are another style. Voice motor activation is this year’s trend. Google will raise your shades if you tell it. Another new trend is taking sun and roller shades and mixing the two. There is a motorized wand however, you’re receiving the look and feel of a roller shade with the latest technology. This is typically the first spot people check when they are looking for the latest shades. The zebra shade is a awesome animation. These shades are conventional and sheerbut they also have an electric motor. It lets you enjoy an outdoor view throughout the day, but it goes to sleep at night. For more details on customized blinds and shades styles for the year ahead, take a look at this video. t663pihis2.