What Is a General Dentist and What Can They Do For You? – Big Dentist Review


learn all about the basics of a general dentist and what they can do for you. Jason Bullock, a general dentist, will go over the different types of dentists that you might encounter on this video.

General dentists are dentists you’re most likely to encounter in your entire life. They will clean your teeth, assess the health of your mouth and perform frequent visits to your mouth once every 6 months. These dentists are experts in restorative dentistry. They treat and fill cavities , as well as repair dental health of their patients. They can treat gum disease, do root canals, install crowns, and much more! The dentists have the chance to specialize in all different areas of dentistry.

The dentists they employ can be seen by people at all ages. So it is possible to take your child to the dentist. They will be able to help patients through Invisalign just as orthodontists.

Watch this video to learn all about general dentists and the services they provide for you and your whole family.